Intel improve PC Stick with Core processor M

As it expected based on Intel Announces Core-M processor from its micro PC, Compute Stick, during his presentation at the IFA version; as part of a series of unexpected announcements the company made at the fair.

As expected, Intel introduced Skylake, the sixth generation of their Core processors. Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president, called refierió is the same as the “best chip of all.
Skylake can reduce their demand for power only 90 watts to 4.5 watts, the energy consumed by the core M, now called Core m. Making it ideal for teams two-in-one, and even micro-PC as Intel Compute Stick, which equipped an older version of Atom processor at the time of submission. However, Intel did not announce a price or sale date for its new version of the Compute Stick.
The new processor will come with integrated graphics in its own core, which Intel had confirmed it would be better for video decoding of low consumption. What is surprising, it is that it be buno; Skaugen showed the chip 15 4K video decoding engine using the H.265 decoficación own processor and compared with a titan equipped with Nvidia doing the same, the latter suffered machine.
“We are not just introducing a lot of muscle to give performance, we are doing it the right way,” Slaugein said.

Intel also showcased its depth cameras RealSense, the hardware will work with Hello functionality of Windows 10. To date, these cameras have been assembled on the PC, but Skaugen said that a version of your camera RealSense R200 was being integrated tablets. Intel will launch applications that will allow users to “measure” of objects, and capture photos with depth even have to experience augmented reality games, in the near future.