SAP Computing In-Memory

SAP has announced its release schedule of a new generation of in-memory applications that help customers achieve their business operating in real time. On the basis of these initiatives is the SAP In-Memory Computing technology, and these launches the company plans to offer a new reality for enterprise software consists of three key dimensions: generation analytics, development of new applications and the renovation of existing ones, and simplifying IT scenarios customers.

New applications driven by SAP In-Memory Computing will allow professionals to simulate outcomes, plan faster and view business problems in a more integrated way. Thus, business plans can be developed in real time, based on dynamic transactional data. SAP applications will be released during the third and fourth quarters of this year, and fall into the areas of sales and operations planning, intelligent payment systems or intelligent analytical measurement. They also emphasize the SAP Trade Promotion Management, applications to ensure that the process of trade promotion and making forecasts based on solid historical facts; and SAP Cash and Liquidity Management, which predicts incoming and outgoing flows of cash and conduct important activities such as collections, risk management and short-term loans.