Reporting and analysis

Analysis Reporting Aqua / Aqua eSolutions: Tool to generate strategic reports on the activity of the different business processes interdepartmental level. Dashboard / Dashboards / Microstrategy: The MicroStrategy platform provides the ability to create scorecards and dashboards. They offer corporate reporting solution that combines powerful techniques based design areas used to produce scorecards and dashboards with traditional techniques to create formatted reports of bands, to produce comprehensive reports and also visually appealing.
· EBA / Exact Software: Software that has its own reporting and analysis (mainly multidimensional) tools. It has data import capabilities.
· Hyperion Financial Reporting / Oracle solution that creates financial reports that make data essential business information and can be presented in different formats tailored to the recipients. Also meet all external requirements and accounting rules. Their distribution can be performed immediately or scheduled to be delivered at a specific time, to improve the planning, management and financial control in the company. Thanks to these features, end users in the finance department can deliver the most important information with hardly IT staff intervention required.
· Hyperion Interactive Reporting / Oracle: Software for creating graphics, dynamic and reports from various operational data sources and analytical tables. It also allows direct access to relational sources without creating or accessing the semantic layer of Oracle Business Intelligence Server.
· Hyperion SQR Production Reporting / Oracle: A tool that connects to various enterprise data sources and can be programmed to create large periodic reports. Provides access different data sources such as major relational databases, multidimensional data developed systems (eg IBM DB / 2, SAP R / 3, SAP BW and SQL Server). Unlock data and enables multifunctional use them to create reports that allow companies to detect exceptions and monitor the performance of the different processes.
· Hyperion Web Analysis / Oracle: A tool that provides functions for analysis, presentation and reporting OLAP ready to use and based on the advanced features of Hyperion Essbase and SAP BW. Their functions are used ad hoc analysis through an intuitive and easy to use interface that allows users to create their own views and rapidly explore large amounts of data.
· IBM Cognos 8 BI Analysis for Microsoft Excel / IBM Cognos Software that adds to Excel spreadsheets benefits of business intelligence (BI). It provides business analysts, financial analysts and managers of the business units a way to leverage Microsoft Excel to perform exploration and flexible and interactive analysis of multidimensional data.
· IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Analysis / IBM Cognos Software that provides complete BI capabilities on a proven architecture. It enables the guided exploration and analysis of information related to all aspects of your business, regardless of where the data is stored. Analyze and generate reports from sources OLAP (online analytical processing), and relational data sources based on dimensions.
· IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence Reporting / IBM Cognos: product that provides complete BI capabilities on a proven architecture. It gives access to a complete list of types of self-service reporting, adapts to any data source, and operates from a single metadata layer to provide various benefits such as multilingual reporting. MicroStrategy Report Services is the reporting engine platform of MicroStrategy business intelligence. This product enables the delivery of any type of corporate report, from production reports, operations, managed metrics to scorecards. Its unique design capabilities pixel level can generate reports of high precision and quality, meeting the needs and requirements of the company. Through an intuitive interface and easy without programming, users can generate highly accurate documents.
· Longview / Exact Software: Software that has its own reporting and analysis (mainly multidimensional) tools. Otherwise exposes your data by ODBC and web services to integrate as a source of information reporting systems of companies. Available Web services and programming tools to automate processes and power extraction systems with which it interacts.
· Oracle Business Intelligence Answers / Oracle software including query and analysis functions. Business users can create new or modify existing analyzes in dashboard without having to deal with complex data structures. It combines data from different information sources without having to understand the complex relationships of the same, quickly and easily.
· Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards / Oracle Application presents analytical fully interactive content in various formats. The dashboards are displayed in a web browser and provide users filtered and personalized information tailored to their function or role, after applying a series of predefined security rules.
· Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher / Oracle: A tool that lets you create reports, templates and documents (for example, checks or official forms) with a high precision format. Create and distribute information to employees, customers and business partners from a centralized point, safely and in the right format, with the advantage that users can use familiar tools for them as Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat for designing the same.
· Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition / Oracle: Oracle Business Intelligence Server Enterprise Edition is the Oracle Business Intelligence Suite Enterprise Edition Plus. Its function is to generate optimized queries to various data sources, add the results and display them to users in a web browser using dashboards and reports easy to use. You can also program the execution of queries in peak hours, so the results displayed to the user as open the control panel because the results are previously calculated. You can create server clusters to achieve high availability and system recovery in case of failure thereof.
· Delivers Oracle / Oracle: Motor multistage alerts in real time, which can trigger workflows based on business events or situations by monitoring key metrics that have deviated from the standard thresholds and notifies stakeholders of a company through various channels. For example, you can send alerts via SMS to sales representatives, attach PDF files by email administrators datawarehouse and save reports in a spreadsheet of Microsoft Excel on a shared commitment to the financial analysts consulted resource.
· Oracle Disconnected Analytics / Oracle: Analysis Tool to be moved, allowing use interactive dashboards and ad hoc analysis on laptops that are not connected to the company network. Users working remotely or offline data may be used without risk thanks to the security system based on roles. The data, metadata, analysis, dashboards, and saved selections intelligently synchronize the next time they connect to the corporate network.
· Plug-in for Oracle Business Intelligence for Microsoft Office / Oracle: Software that incorporates information from Oracle Business Intelligence BI Server and Oracle Reports in the Office environment, adding to the most recent documents Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel business data . Business users can share these documents with peers to make decisions together. Thus, the staff uses a single source of reliable information, instead of a local copy of the data in Excel.
· SAS Enterprise BI Server / SAS Solution query, reporting and analysis that incorporates a set of solutions directed query and reporting, integrated and interoperable in a collaborative environment with shared metadata and security profiles. This facilitates all business intelligence activities of the company – from data access and simple generation and distribution of reports (reporting) to more complicated analysis.
· ShowCase Suite / SPSS: Suite of products for the computer IBM eServer iSeries platform that allows use historical data for better and faster decision-making and provides an operational reporting platform that helps to go beyond business intelligence to develop a throughout the organization.
· SQL Server Analysis Services / Microsoft: Provides functions online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining for business intelligence applications. Analysis Services supports OLAP by letting you design, create and manage multidimensional structures that contain data aggregated from other data sources, such as relational databases.
· SQL Server Reporting Services / Microsoft: Software that adds a number of new features and fixes new use scenarios: users who want to interact with the data in the reports themselves, as well as the ability to create your own reports from scratch and share them with others.
· WebFOCUS Active Reports / Information Builders: A tool that provides analysis functions into a mobile environment-including phones and PDAs- without an Internet connection. No need to install any software, plug-in or applet.
· WebFOCUS Analytical Reporter / Information Builders: A tool that combines the best features of the tools of consultations with ROLAP capabilities and multidimensional databases to allow users to perform detailed analysis with data stored in any data source for the company.
· WebFOCUS Visual Discovery / Information Builders: query and analysis tool that fully meets the visual needs of a wide range of users, even those without a technical background. Within minutes you can create comprehensive dashboards very visual and graphical analysis.