Icons for Our Text Alerts and Newsletters

I am a small business owner along with my husband. We mainly sell from our online shop, so we are able to keep costs down that way. One thing that I do for customers who have signed up for text alerts when we have new product is make the announcement text fun and playful to keep their attention. We come up with something witty to send, and we have had a lot of positive reactions, and sales, to them! One of the ways we make the text alerts fun is using flat icons that we purchased as a bundle from Squid.Ink.

I am a very visual person, and I like to use graphics with the text alerts that we send. Since we handle a variety of different products and ideas, I wanted more than just the standard smiley faces to attach to the messages and ads we send. I looked online for various graphics, which is how I found Squid.Ink. The flat icons I looked at were exactly what I wanted and needed! I liked that I was able to try 50 of them out first to make sure that they were what we wanted, and it did not take long for me to see that they were.

There were 2000 icons total, and they were discounted to a really low price. My husband and I spend more than what we paid for the icons on a nice dinner for the two of us, so it was a real bargain. We have icons that are perfect for any occasion. Some of the graphics include holidays, weather, household and office icons, and so much more. Since we started using the icons on our text alerts and newsletters, we have received a lot of comments on how cute and perky they are now, which is what we wanted.