BASIC 2008 Aqua / Aqua eSolutions

· Clementine / SPSS: data mining tool that allows to develop predictive models and deploy them to improve decision-making. It is designed considering business users, so there is no need to be an expert in data mining.

· Dlife / Apara: bioinformatics platform for clinical decision making. Provides computer support to medical decision making in the process of diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of the evolution of patients it allows clinicians to increase the accuracy and efficiency of healthcare delivery by an average of 20%.

· DVelox 2.5 / Apara: analytics for decision making in real time predicts the most likely future scenarios to optimize critical processes of any business platform is focused on the banking, finance and marketing.

· IBM DB2 Warehouse Enterprise Edition/IBM DWE uses Intelligent Miner algorithms to analyze data warehouse and provide alerts on customers and business behavior. In DWE Design Studio, a set of functions that allow us to find more about our data displaying statistical results thereof to understand that part of the warehouse has the greatest potential to be mined.

· Microsoft SQL Server 2005/Microsoft: offering an integrated solution for modeling data mining (data mining) and work with them environment. The SQL Server Data Mining solution allows access to the information needed to make intelligent decisions on complex business problems. Data Mining is the business intelligence technology that helps you build complex analytical models, and integrate those models with your business operations.
· MicroStrategy Data Mining Services / Microstrategy: Component MicroStrategy BI platform that provides users, predictive data mining models. It allows you to perform data mining using metrics and predictive functions built with imported data models of data mining tools from third parties.

· SAS Analytics/SAS: Suite of analytical solutions for transforming all organizational data into knowledge, reducing uncertainty, making reliable forecasts and optimizing performance.

· SAS Enterprise Miner/SAS Data Mining Solution provides many models and alternatives. It allows to determine patterns and trends, explaining known results and identify factors which ensure desired effects. It also compares the results of different modeling techniques, both in statistical terms such as business, within a framework simple and easy to interpret.