HP launches new network infrastructure solutions

During the celebration of the greatest entertainment event, Hewlett Packard has introduced a complete range of solutions within its integrated network architecture FlexNetwork, aiming to compete directly with Cisco in this market segment. In fact, Antonio Onis, commercial director of HP Networking, believes that “in the world of networking has been a weariness about the tyranny of Cisco, and now there is an alternative,” he says.

Simplified infrastructure
The proposed HP is a comprehensive simplification of the network architecture, both equipment and management. From the standpoint of the first presented the FlexCampus range. Within it highlights the HP A10500 switch line, which provides optimal support for multimedia services such as high definition video; a latency of three microseconds; and it supports up to 128 10GbE ports without oversubscription. For larger environments, you may group two switches A 10500 using HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) HP to provide a super core with 208 ports of 10GbE technology without oversubscription. According Onis in this market segment are very strong with a share of around 20%; while its main competitor, Cisco, has dropped from 80 to 50%, according to the manager says. “Having all homemade, unlike buying technologies and then paste them leads us to believe that we are on the right track,” he says.
In the access layer of FlexCampus, highlights new line cards for the HP E5400 and E8200 switches; as well as wireless access points, E-MSM460 and E-MSM466, with capacity to support up to 15 simultaneous streams of HD video per access point.

As for the management of the network infrastructure within the HP FlexNetwork architecture, it stands the proposal FlexManagement HP network management that combines physical and virtual level from a single panel called Inteligent Management Center IMC), and a new system optimized for virtual environments cloud intrusion prevention networks increases security in data centers. To Onis, here lies another important difference from its competitor: “While Cisco can require up to 30 different tools to manage data center networks, campus and offices, HP provides a single pane of management with the Intelligent Management Center for the modular blocks of the HP FlexNetwork architecture, “he says. Moreover, direct said: “What we are proposing to market is a cleaner solution than is Cisco. We proved with innovation. There are teams of five years trying to keep them alive. ” The new version of HP IMC 5 manages the entire HP Networking portfolio, as well as more than 2,600 network devices from over 35 suppliers.

On the other hand, and in order to focus on the safety of workloads virtualized applications of data centers, the company has also launched the new HP TippingPoint S6100N IPS device, which provides a unique scalable security framework automatically increases protection for virtualized environments, from the time that virtual machines are created or are transported to a different physical server.

The example of the Campus
To show the simplicity in installation and operation of these network architecture solutions, HP has managed internal communications of the Campus Party. “This is ten times faster than last year, with WiFi wireless network using the IPv6 protocol and network,” explains Onis. The deployment has been done in less time, with one team in each building, but acting as one, “avoiding the complexity of networks from the point of view of loops that can be created,” adds the executive. In total, in five days, the company has installed two cores and network switches 180 to 6,500 “buffs” although the network was prepared to support up to 9,000 users.