Icons for Our Text Alerts and Newsletters

I am a small business owner along with my husband. We mainly sell from our online shop, so we are able to keep costs down that way. One thing that I do for customers who have signed up for text alerts when we have new product is make the announcement text fun and playful to keep their attention. We come up with something witty to send, and we have had a lot of positive reactions, and sales, to them! One of the ways we make the text alerts fun is using flat icons that we purchased as a bundle from Squid.Ink.

I am a very visual person, and I like to use graphics with the text alerts that we send. Since we handle a variety of different products and ideas, I wanted more than just the standard smiley faces to attach to the messages and ads we send. I looked online for various graphics, which is how I found Squid.Ink.

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SAP Computing In-Memory

SAP has announced its release schedule of a new generation of in-memory applications that help customers achieve their business operating in real time. On the basis of these initiatives is the SAP In-Memory Computing technology, and these launches the company plans to offer a new reality for enterprise software consists of three key dimensions: generation analytics, development of new applications and the renovation of existing ones, and simplifying IT scenarios customers.

New applications driven by SAP In-Memory Computing will allow professionals to simulate outcomes, plan faster and view business problems in a more integrated way. Thus, business plans can be developed in real time, based on dynamic transactional data. SAP applications will be released during the third and fourth quarters of this year, and fall into the areas of sales and operations planning, intelligent payment systems or intelligent analytical measurement. They also emphasize the SAP Trade Promotion Management, applications to ensure that the process of trade promotion and making forecasts based on solid historical facts; and SAP Cash and Liquidity Management, which predicts incoming and outgoing flows of cash and conduct important activities such as collections, risk management and short-term loans.

VMware View new version

VMware brings to market its solution for desktop virtualization View 5, which provides several benefits over the previous version. Specifically, this update of the application provides remote access via View Security Server for PCoIP, enabling a simple and secure connection with the user authentication for desktop, thanks to the elimination of SSL VPN requirements.

VMware View thus offers more options when you log in from end to end with PCoIP protocol. The result is an array of integrated, efficient and with lower costs providing simple authentication for remote users desktop. With version 4.6 of the solution, VMware combines ICT control and freedom for the user in terms of mobility. In this way, companies can improve safety, reduce operating costs and simplify desktop administration and management by establishing a modern architecture for the end user.

Intel improve PC Stick with Core processor M

As it expected based on Intel Announces Core-M processor from its micro PC, Compute Stick, during his presentation at the IFA version; as part of a series of unexpected announcements the company made at the fair.

As expected, Intel introduced Skylake, the sixth generation of their Core processors. Kirk Skaugen, Intel senior vice president, called refierió is the same as the “best chip of all.
Skylake can reduce their demand for power only 90 watts to 4.5 watts, the energy consumed by the core M, now called Core m. Making it ideal for teams two-in-one, and even micro-PC as Intel Compute Stick, which equipped an older version of Atom processor at the time of submission. However, Intel did not announce a price or sale date for its new version of the Compute Stick.
The new processor will come with integrated graphics in its own core, which Intel had confirmed it would be better for video decoding of low consumption. What is surprising, it is that it be buno; Skaugen showed the chip 15 4K video decoding engine using the H.265 decoficación own processor and compared with a titan equipped with Nvidia doing the same, the latter suffered machine.
“We are not just introducing a lot of muscle to give performance, we are doing it the right way,” Slaugein said.

Intel also showcased its depth cameras RealSense, the hardware will work with Hello functionality of Windows 10. To date, these cameras have been assembled on the PC, but Skaugen said that a version of your camera RealSense R200 was being integrated tablets. Intel will launch applications that will allow users to “measure” of objects, and capture photos with depth even have to experience augmented reality games, in the near future.

Consequences of not having a backup strategy

Any organization that does not back up your information is exposed to serious problems that will be safe, at one time or another. Loss of data, it is extremely easy (an interruption of electrical current that causes equipment failure, a faulty hard drive or simply a human error).

However, recover lost data when something like this happens, it is almost mission impossible if not done properly the necessary backups. We analyze then the risks that companies lack a clear strategy for achieving their backups are exposed.

Today, there should be no company without a clear strategy to make the necessary backups to protect your information and that, should any incident occur, that information could recover quickly and easily. An organization that lacks strategies of this kind is like the Titanic going in full swing towards a sea of ​​icebergs. A team that allows this to happen should be fired immediately when not directly arrested for negligence.
It is true that all this may seem exaggerated, but only for a moment imagine that one day, we arrived at our job and discovered that all company data – including our e-mail, Word and Excel documents, pdfs, bases data, contact lists, financial data, billing information, etc., that is all – simply has vanished in space forever. This means that everything that makes the company what it is, and that has allowed it to operate and grow, simply gone.

How a company can recover from something like that? Without backups, it is very difficult to recover years of work and trying to manage at the same time, the day to day business. For most organizations, regardless of size, whether large, small or medium, a disaster of this magnitude, it is unbearable. In fact, 90% of companies suffering losses of large-scale data, go out of business in less than two years.
Permanent loss of information, on the other hand, it is easy to prevent disaster, all the company needs is to apply an appropriate strategy for backup and recovery of data, if necessary.

However, the irony of all this is that most businesses recognize the importance of backups. In fact, a recent study conducted in the US small and medium enterprises by Rubicon Consulting, showed that the backup is the second major concern of these organizations on their information systems, after the defense against viruses and other malware, and ahead of issues such as reducing the costs or the purchase of new computers. Still, more than a third of the surveyed SMEs does nothing to secure their data.
At the same time, and while struggling with an almost exaggerated growth of data involved, many of the backup process launched in SMEs often create a false sense of security, threatening the future information and The company in general.

Beware data loss
According to the study by Rubicon Consulting, although 92% of SMEs surveyed had deployed some form of technology to run backups, 50% of them had still suffered the loss of data. Of the companies that had experienced such losses, about a third of them experienced a decrease in sales, 20% lost customers and 25% said the loss of information had been a really serious for the normal running of the company disorder.
So when something happens, we can ask the question, are we talking about a case of incompetence or of a case of criminal negligence? Although once again, the question seems exaggerated, the fact is that when a company closes its doors because fails to provide a quality service to its customers, or bill or conduct normal business processes because their information has disappeared , difference does it really matter?

Do the right thing
How to get an effective backup strategy? The first is to determine what information is necessary to ensure, including data affected by national and international regulations (such as Sarbanes-Oxley, HIPAA, etc.) that include specific requirements regarding backups. The following is whether the data should be copied or archived. In most cases both tasks are performed. Backups are actually copies of active data, for use during a limited period of time and usually are overwritten with the updated versions. Files, on the other hand, contain static data, and inactive files, e-mails old, etc.
Any business that cares about the safety of your data, you need to have an effective backup strategy to deal with the inevitable loss of information. Considering the serious and lasting impact that could cause data loss in business, may cause to its bankruptcy, it is increasingly essential availability of a policy for copying and retrieval of information to really effectively and safe.

Google presents the Chromecast devices for multimedia content

You can send multimedia content from the “smartphone” tablet computer or television, and playing audio through the portable speakers
Google presents the Chromecast devices for multimedia content

Google introduced the new Chromecast last September with the new Nexus and Nexus 5x 6P
Google has presented Tuesday in Spain Chromecast two new devices which operate by “streaming”: one to send multimedia content from your smartphone, computer or tablet to television and other audio to play through the portable speakers.

This is a new version of these artifacts whose earlier versions have already reached more than 20 million users and a new design including a triple integrated adaptive antenna and wireless system architecture.

“This type of connection is a big advantage over Bluetooth because the mobile device is not locked when you receive calls and is faster to send the content directly from the cloud,” he explained the representative of developers Google engineers.

During the presentation you have insisted that “smartphones” have now become the “center of life” and therefore the objective of this launch goes through “meet the specific needs of users and the digital home.”

Thus, “we break barriers to the digital world is connected and mobile can play the role of critical equipment”, he explained.

Both devices work with systems iOS (iPhone, iPad, Mac), but also with Android phones and tablets, and Windows Chromebooks.

added that the microprocessor “has not changed” so that the playback speed will remain “snapshot” and, as regards the audio, he said that supports surround sound.

Chromecast for video turns the phone “in a remote ‘when content-aware applications from Google Cast and quality content on television is HD is sent.

As for the audio Chromecast admits the main speakers and AUX inputs, RCA and optical, so after connecting to the home network, “it can start playing content without using battery power.”

Apart from Google ensure that installation can be made in “three minutes” so that “anyone who knows the operation of a mobile device is able to use these devices.”

HP launches new network infrastructure solutions

During the celebration of the greatest entertainment event, Hewlett Packard has introduced a complete range of solutions within its integrated network architecture FlexNetwork, aiming to compete directly with Cisco in this market segment. In fact, Antonio Onis, commercial director of HP Networking, believes that “in the world of networking has been a weariness about the tyranny of Cisco, and now there is an alternative,” he says.

Simplified infrastructure
The proposed HP is a comprehensive simplification of the network architecture, both equipment and management. From the standpoint of the first presented the FlexCampus range. Within it highlights the HP A10500 switch line, which provides optimal support for multimedia services such as high definition video; a latency of three microseconds; and it supports up to 128 10GbE ports without oversubscription. For larger environments, you may group two switches A 10500 using HP Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) HP to provide a super core with 208 ports of 10GbE technology without oversubscription. According Onis in this market segment are very strong with a share of around 20%; while its main competitor, Cisco, has dropped from 80 to 50%, according to the manager says. “Having all homemade, unlike buying technologies and then paste them leads us to believe that we are on the right track,” he says.
In the access layer of FlexCampus, highlights new line cards for the HP E5400 and E8200 switches; as well as wireless access points, E-MSM460 and E-MSM466, with capacity to support up to 15 simultaneous streams of HD video per access point.

As for the management of the network infrastructure within the HP FlexNetwork architecture, it stands the proposal FlexManagement HP network management that combines physical and virtual level from a single panel called Inteligent Management Center IMC), and a new system optimized for virtual environments cloud intrusion prevention networks increases security in data centers. To Onis, here lies another important difference from its competitor: “While Cisco can require up to 30 different tools to manage data center networks, campus and offices, HP provides a single pane of management with the Intelligent Management Center for the modular blocks of the HP FlexNetwork architecture, “he says. Moreover, direct said: “What we are proposing to market is a cleaner solution than is Cisco. We proved with innovation. There are teams of five years trying to keep them alive. ” The new version of HP IMC 5 manages the entire HP Networking portfolio, as well as more than 2,600 network devices from over 35 suppliers.

On the other hand, and in order to focus on the safety of workloads virtualized applications of data centers, the company has also launched the new HP TippingPoint S6100N IPS device, which provides a unique scalable security framework automatically increases protection for virtualized environments, from the time that virtual machines are created or are transported to a different physical server.

The example of the Campus
To show the simplicity in installation and operation of these network architecture solutions, HP has managed internal communications of the Campus Party. “This is ten times faster than last year, with WiFi wireless network using the IPv6 protocol and network,” explains Onis. The deployment has been done in less time, with one team in each building, but acting as one, “avoiding the complexity of networks from the point of view of loops that can be created,” adds the executive. In total, in five days, the company has installed two cores and network switches 180 to 6,500 “buffs” although the network was prepared to support up to 9,000 users.

DiskStation Synology DS2411+

A new 12-bay NAS server targeted at SMEs, the DiskStation DS2411 +, has just joined the Synology product catalog. This model, under RAID 5 configuration has a write speed of 167 MB / s reading of 202 MB / s, includes 2 LAN and supports failover and link aggregation. On the other hand, it is equipped with a dual core processor 1.8 GHz, and operates at 105 W, but when it hibernates, the underclocking CPU and HDD suspension reduce energy consumption up to 39 W.

Finally, iSCSI support and ability to increase its RAM 1-3 GB for a high level of efficiency in data exchange in changing environments, it also easily integrates with leading virtualization solutions market, including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer and Microsoft HyperV.

Panda Cloud Office Protection

Panda Security has announced the release of version 6 of its cloud-based Panda Cloud Office Protection, available in http://cloudprotection.pandasecurity.com solution. This new edition, which offers companies anti-malware and firewall protection, now includes integration with remote control tools as LogMeln, RealVNC, TeamViewer, TightVNC and UltraVNC. So, you can access a computer from the Web console with a single click for troubleshooting purposes or to install security software, among others.

Chat with Panda Cloud Office Protection is not necessary to have an antivirus server in the company, because the infrastructure is 100% hosted in the cloud. Installation is done remotely, either through a distribution tool or by sending an email to the PC where you want to install. Teams can be configured through Group Policy, and has unified all detections for malware and network threats reports.